Cartoon characters invade Facebook! What is Bitstrips?

image (1)So let’s start with what exactly is Bitstrips? According to Jacob Blackstrock Bitstrips’ company chief executive and creative director: “basically, it’s an app that turns you and your friends into a cast of cartoon characters”. If you did not see all your Facebook friends turned into cartoon characters in one of the thousand different funny (or not) scenes, then let me explain.

After downloading the Bitstrips application and login in with Facebook, users are asked to design their avatars by choosing among different features including gender, face details, skin tones, hair details, eye details…and then place the avatar in one of the available scenes, choose to include a friend or not and choose to share on Facebook or not.

Bitstrips was launched in December 2012 as a Facebook application. But it really became popular earlier this month when it released its iPhone app.  The company claims that it now has more than 10,000 millions users.

By the way, the Bitstrips character on the page is supposed to be me.


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