“Twitter x TV : Making each other better”

images (1)“Already buying TV? Make those ads work harder with Twitter” claims the company’s promotional pitch to big brands. Indeed, Twitter just launched in the US and the UK a new feature called TV conversation targeting. This new tool has the capacity to expand TV ads scope giving the opportunity to networks and brands to engage even more  with consumers. A Promoted Tweet could not only reach those who watch specific TV shows but those who are actually talking about the show.

Here is what you can read in Twitter’s blog : “Earlier this year we launched TV ad targeting for US advertisers, which broadens the reach and power of a brand’s television advertising by extending the brand message to Twitter users who we believe have been exposed to the same TV ads. Today we are announcing an expansion to our TV targeting suite. The newest feature,TV conversation targeting, now generally available to all US and UK advertisers, makes it easy for networks and brands to connect with Twitter users already engaged with TV.”

Furthermore, a study made by Pew Internet & American Life Project report proved that roughly 50% of people use their phone while watching TV. It is sometimes to keep them occupied during commercials, to text someone watching the same show, to check information they just heard on TV, to get more info about the show they are watching etc. This revelation surely motivated Twitter. The company understood that it could add a new aspect to its features by driving more interactive advertising.

The social network company claims to be highly complimentary with TV and by working closely together they could enhance users, networks and advertisers experience. Twitter also  launched an experiment to prove their points. The results were quite positive as it seems that when paired with TV commercials its Promoted Tweet managed to deliver 95% stronger brand message association, 58% higher purchase intent, from 8 to 16% more sales and less than 36% customer acquisition cost.

The future of television might be in your phone. “TV x Twitter : making each other better.”



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