John Lewis Christmas Video 2013 – The Bear and The Hare

The Christmas Viral Advertising Race has been officially launched few days ago. And Surprise! We already have a winner! In fact, nothing very surprising here, as this year the winner is (again) John Lewis’ video entitled “The Bear and The Hare”. If you did not watch it yet, please take 2 minutes and let the kid in you (yes she/he is still in there!)  enjoy those 2 minutes of pure magic. Sit down comfortably and click on the video above. Trust me it is worth it!

The animated video tells the story of a friendship between a big sleepy Bear and a small Hare who will again spend Christmas apart because (yes you did figure it out) Bear needs to hibernate. But this time, Hare comes up with an idea for a very special present, one that’s guaranteed Bear will be part of the Christmas magic.

In just a week, John Lewis’ video became rapidly viral. It has been viewed more than 5,000,000 times and shared more than 150,000 times on Twitter and Facebook. Why such a success? Probably because it triggers viewers’ nostalgia with its “old fashion” animated aspects that remind us the good old Disney movies; and probably because it is one of the first sign showing…CHRISTMAS is on its way!

And if you really liked it and think your kids/nephews/cousins/siblings would like it too, then simply follow the link at the bottom of the video for further details on the story or go on The Bear and The Hare webpage. From here, you will be able to download Lily Allen’s single; buy soft toy versions of Bear and Hare; make your own Christmas cards; read an interactive story and more.

Merry Christmas from John Lewis.



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