Spotify – Free mobile streaming service

download (8)One of the most popular music service is about to go through a major change. Indeed, Spotify which is currently only available for free on desktop is planning to launch a free mobile version of its music-streaming accessible via smartphones.

Until now, only certain premium users had access to Spotify on their mobile. This practice clearly shut most of its users from listening to music on the go. Aware that the world is rapidly going mobile, Spotify could not risk going into the new year without a free mobile option. 

However, this new offer will not give an unlimited access to the service. The reason behind this decision is quite simple. Even if the company managed to sign deals with major labels such as Sony, Universal and Warner thus allowing users to have access to music via their mobile, it is obvious the music industry remains hostile to the idea of offering a simple and easy access to music.

Therefore, Spotify will be able to give access to a limited numbers of tracks on-demands and custom playlists and radio stations based on users’ listening habits.



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