Tribute to Nelson Mandela

This short article is only a tribute to Nelson Mandela who died last week aged 95. This has nothing to do with the digital and technology world but it still deserves to be mentioned.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, a politician, a philanthropist, a hero died last week. After spending 27 years of his life in prison convicted of conspiracy to overthrow the Apartheid system established in South Africa, Nelson Mandela became the first black South African President elected in a fully representative democratic election.

The news of his death quickly spread across all social media channels where millions of people all around the world started to pay tribute to former South African President. (On a personal note, that is how I have got the news of Mandela’s death).On twitter, users generated 7.2 million tweets about his death with a peak of 95,000 tweets per minute. On Facebook, a total of 39 million people generated more than 80 million interactions related to Mandela’s death. South Africa was the second most active country in terms of posts about its former president, following the United States who has the most active social media population.

Twitter used tweets about Mandela’s death to generate the following graphic, made up of the texts of those tweets.


An Illustration of Nelson Mandela made up of Tweets.



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