Favourite UK ads in 2013

It is this time of the year again! A time when we all look back and review the past year. Youtube just revealed which ads of 2013 had been the most popular in the UK. Let’s have a look!

The UK’s favourite ad of 2013 is ‘baby& me’ which only two days after being published had already been watched 20 million time. Ten weeks later it has generated more than 100 million views.

The second most viewed ad is John Lewis’ Christmas Advert “The Bear and The Hare” which reached that rank only since last month.

Number three is the ‘Dancing Pony’ of Three Mobile. Created by Wieden + Kennedy it has been viewed seven million times.

The Dove Real Beauty Sketches is number 4

This ad reflects a trend among brands to break away from the 30 second commercial. Following its release, the Real Beauty Sketches ad became the most viral ad of all time receiving more than 114 million total views in its first month and generated a trove of response videos, parodies and media discussion on female self esteem.

I am also really happy to announce that the Be More Dog Ad is number 5.  VCCP won the Campaign’s Advertising Agency of the Year and the Be More Dog Campaign also won the best Campaign of the year,



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