The Global Stage of Innovation, CES 2014 in Las Vegas

Is there any better way to start the new year than with The Global Stage of Innovation CES 2014 in Las Vegas? Hm maybe! Or absolutely NOT according to CES 2014 website who describes the event as “A social hub. A marketplace. And a few things they’ve yet to create words for. Over four days, those who shape the future gather in Las Vegas. Here, brands, markets and economies converge in what’s far more than a tradeshow with thousands of products launched and showcased across more than 15 product categories. The best and biggest companies. The world’s greatest technology leaders with 36,206 international visitors and 14,237 CEO’s and owners. Entrepreneurs and Startups changing the world. More than 300 Keynote and Conference Sessions. Influential journalists and bloggers. Government leaders shaping technology policy. Two words: LAST VEGAS.” So CES is indeed the big tech phenomenon of the week where a lot of very interesting products were showcased. Here are few of the favourites according to different tech magazine such as Mashable, Tech Crunch, The Telegraph, The Verge…

1. Eyelock Myris

Apple just launched fingerprints recognition to unlock their latest product the Iphone 5 and this is about to become “has been”. The new cool is the iris scanning recognition system. How does it work? No more password, code or even fingerprint to log into a site or service, just a pair of eyes will do. Users will just have to hold the device and look at the sensor and that’s it. download (14)

2. Netatmo June Bracelet

The Netatmo June Bracelet can tell you when you have been exposed to the sun for too long and then recommend you the appropriate sun lotion to keep you safe from harmful rays. It has been marketed directly to women with the design created in collaboration with Louis Vuitton and Cartier. images (11)

3. Pebble Smartwatch

The most popular wearable technology this year was the Pebble Smartwatch that is connected to your Android handset or iPhone and relay messages, notifications and more on the e-ink screen.

4. LG Home Chat Smart Platform

LG revealed that in the next few month its new line of smart appliances will be accompanied with a Home Chat Smart Platform using an SMS interface. Basically, customers will be able to send texts to their refrigerator, vaccum cleaner or washing machine and get a response. LGhomechatico

5. Samsung Bendable TV

Samsung unveiled the very first bendable TV. By pressing a button on the remote, users will be able to curve the screen for a superior picture.

And just because it ended up being the most funny and tragic moment of the event, here is the video of Michael Bay leaving Samsung Press Conference!


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