Paper – the latest Facebook innovation

Facebook announced last week its latest digital innovation, a new combined newsfeed called Paper. The app will be available (in the US only) on Monday 3rd February (a day before Facebook 10th anniversary). Presented as the first product coming out from Facebook Creative Labs, a unit whose goal is to “innovate and build new things”, Paper has created a lot of reactions in the digital world. We all remember what happened to Facebook previous attemps to build and distribute apps: Poke, Messenger, Camera. As a consequence, all the digital media scene seems to be particularly curious to see what could be the future of a new Facebook app? After reading multiple reviews from different tech and digital websites, I can say that Paper has received a majority of positive reviews. In the overall, the app is described as easy to use, interactive and extremely well-designed. 

Facebook Lab worked on the app as a sort of social newspaper feed where stories would be given a bigger role. As TechCrunch rightly described: “Normally on Facebook, you only see posts from friends and Pages you’ve subscribed to. But with a traditional newspaper, there are articles the editors think are great and you might enjoy, but that you wouldn’t have thought to seek out. You trust the editors’ taste, and give articles a chance even if they don’t strike you at first glance. Paper creates this opportunity for Facebook to surprise like a newspaper, but on mobile. It can show content you might have missed by bubbling up public content with lots of Likes or that a Paper editor thinks is brilliant.” Facebook has also announced there will be no ads in Paper for the moment. But it is clear that depending on the app success, ads could be naturally integrated.

And finally as I said, Paper received a lot of attention mostly due to Facebook past attempts in launching innovative applications. We are witnessing the company’s constant effort to gain a stronger position in mobile. But we have to remember that the company is still at the forefront of the Social Media industry. To help us remember, let’s have a look to Facebook Mobile Stats the company published earlier this week.  

. The first chart highlights the growth of mobile monthly active users from end 2011 to end 2013.

This chart shows the growith of Facebook Mobile Daily Active Users

And lastly, their overall revenue came in at $2.59B, up 63% from a year ago. 

Those charts help us remembering that the so-called decline that Facebook is supposed to go through does not have a big impact on the business.


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