Google released Android Wear – Motorola 360

Wearable technology influences the way we relate to technology by physically bringing technology closer to us and by slowly becoming an everyday object.  Google announced the release of Android Wear, a new mobile operating system designed specifically for smartwatch and other wearable. The company said that several companies such as HTC, Samsung, Asus, LG and Motorola would be its hardware brand partners for Android Wear smart watches.

Motorola decided to take advantage of Google’s announcement by revealing its new product that will be available next summer: Moto 360. The video of presentation mentions the combined work of the two companies as a “reinvention of the modern day timepiece.” The Motorola 360 will come in metal and leather strap in a variety of style and with a circular face mostly free of mechanical buttons in order to help users feeling “comfortable and familiar” with the product. One important aspect the company wanted to keep was the traditional appearance this is why Motorola 360 looks like any other traditional watch. But obviously, it will also be full of modern techy features. For instance, users will be able to receive notifications, check appointments in their calendar, and peruse social network and just check the time and date. The Motorola 360 uses Google’s voice recognition technology which means that users will be able to control their device by simply saying “OK Google…” and what they request. The device will also act as health and fitness monitor providing real-time speed of your movements on a given distance.


As mentioned above, Google partnered with multiple tech company for its Android Wear. LG launched its own watch but with a clear different concept. LG decided to emphasize more on the utility of the product with a simple and straightforward notification system when Motorola added a strong fashionable design to its product. This modern design will certainly help Motorola reach a bigger crowd; not only would the tech-savvy be interested in it but also all those who are still reluctant to give up their traditional wristwatches. The Moto 360 would help them get on board the wearable movement.

Again it seems that Google’s new product combines with the smart engineering of tech companies such as Motorola or Samsung could really help smart and wearable technology entering the mainstream market.



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