Oculus Rift Unveil

One of the top virtual reality technology startup, Oculus, has unveiled the second-generation of its famous product that is now available for preorder ($350). The immersive virtual reality headset which was launched through Kickstarter in 2012 has sold about 50,000 units to mostly game developers who are highly interested in adding the virtual reality technology to the video games they are created.

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The second-generation of Oculus adds more features to the previous version. Oculus now has a “depth-sensing camera that was added to the system in order to map more accurately real-world movement to in-game performance.” The product has been designed with a better consumer-friendly idea to it.

An interesting video accompanied the launch of the new product. First of all, the video illustrates well how much the Oculus user can literally be part of a virtual reality world. The details, the colours, the movements…all these have been really well designed. Then, the video shows two consumers going through a virtual tour of a Tesco shop. They are simply wandering through the shop, walking along the aisles and looking at products until they enter an immense arena where Tesco logo as well as pictures and an animated video of the famous Brazilian soccer player, Pelé are sort of welcoming them and us into a whole new world.

Figure Digital, Tesco agency created the program thus claiming or reclaiming its strong position in the digital media industry. Indeed, in 2011 Tesco used augmented reality to render its print catalog in 3D.  Or again last year when Tesco used Google Street View to organise a virtual easter egg hunt in the UK. The game simply required users to type in their post code or use GPS on their mobile device to begin their search for thousands of virtual eggs with a voucher for a chocolate bunny available for those who would find three eggs. It now seems clear how serious Tesco’s digital adventure really is.


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