Amazon unveiled its smartphone – Fire Phone

After months of rumours,  the expectations around Amazon’s smartphone were running high.  Finally on June 18th 2014, CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the company latest product and its very first smartphone – the Firephone that innovates with its four-camera configuration Dynamic Perspective, with its object-identifying Firefly feature and with its Mayday assistance service.

firephone 2

Specialists and analysts seems to be mostly impressed. Let’s have a look to what the smartphone really does:

  • The four front-facing camera creates a dynamic perspective that changes depending on how you look at your phone and how your move it around. Fire Phone basically mimics how real depth perception really works by creating a 3D-like hologram effect that tracks the position of your head and adjust the image accordingly. Hibernum Creation producer Louis-Rene Auclair said: “it’s all pretty simple, actually. For the user, whether you move the phone or your head, the cameras will figure out your positioning and actually make the screen move in the opposite direction. It’s just like if you’re trying to peek behind something.”
  • The Firefly feature uses the camera to recognize physical products in the real wold by simply scanning the item. Once the product has been recognised you will be directed to Amazon and the option to buy the product. During the presentation, Jeff Bezos demonstrate how Fire Phone can scan barcodes on items, book cover, CD etc…
  • The MayDay service offers one-tap access to customer service agents who can assison the device to facilitate the explanation on how to use the phone. Available 24 hours, the agents should be able to respond to request within 15 seconds. This service was added to the phone following the good result of the feature on Amazon Kindle Fire HDX tablets.firephone 3

One last surprise from Amazon: the price. The Fire Phone will be available on July 25th and exclusively on AT&T starting at $199 with a two-year contract. To buy the phone without contract will cost you $649.


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