Facebook’s ephemeral app – Slingshot

At the end of last year, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel publicly announced his decision to decline Facebook acquisition and thus despite Zuckerberg’s generous offer of $3 billion. the 22 years-old CEO had explained that his company exponential and rapid growth had proved that it will soon enough be worth much more than $3 billion. Unfortunately for Spiegel, it is now almost certain that Zuckerberg will not reiterate his offer.

Indeed, Facebook has announced the launch of its very own ephemeral photo and video app – Slingshot. “With Slingshot, we wanted to build something where everybody is a creator and nobody is just a spectator.” Strongly inspired by Snapchat and the ephemeral trend, Facebook wanted to create an app that “explore this new way of sharing” with its own specificities.


Slingshot allows you to shoot photos and videos and share them with your friends. However, here is the deal: “friend won’t be able to see your shot until they sling something back to you. They can then reply with a reaction – or simply swipe your shot away.” Slingshot is surfing two waves: the ephemeral as well as the reaction one (e.g Reactr, Samba, Dumbstruck are all apps that record your friends’ reaction when you send them a photo or video and then send you back their reactions). Slingshot designer, Joey Flynn describes the app as not only being about “telling your story, but it’s about asking others for their story.” Basically the idea is to “unlock” the picture/video your friend sent by trading something in return: “everybody is a creator and nobody is a spectator.”

Slingshot turns upside down the Internet Culture of the “1% Rule” where 1% of social network users create the entire content while the rest consume it.



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