Google acquisition – Skybox

Google has once again expanded its long-list of acquisition with Skybox, a five-year old startup that builds “the world’s smallest high-resolution imaging satellites able to collect beautiful and useful images and videos of the Earth” every day. Based in the Silicon Valley, Skybox had previously managed to raise about $91M in venture capital while employing 100 people. The $500M acquisition by Google has been described by the Skybox team as happening at the right time: “The time is right to join a company who can challenge us to think even bigger and bolder, who can support us in accelerating our ambitious vision.”


It is right to mention that this acquisition will also help Google to expand one of his important projects – Project Loon – that was launched a year ago with the ambition to bring the internet to the most isolated places. The company intend to use Skybox’s satellite, already in orbit, with other satellites of partner companies – DigitalGlobe and Astrium – in order to dramatically extend their satellite presence above the planet.  This also comes just two months after Google bought drone maker Titan Aerospace that builds solar-powered high-altitude robots. It has become even more obvious that the company’s ambition is to help deliver internet services to underdeveloped and remote areas in the world.


Analysts have described the acquisition of Skybox Imaging as another potential “moonshot” idea that CEO Larry Page uses to describe very ambitious projects that could take several years to materialise and with the potential to immensely impact the future of the planet.





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