JIBO – A Family Robot

Sooner than later, dogs and cats will become so 2000′s what about having a robot at home instead?  If your answer is YES, then I am glad to announce that in just two years you will be able to welcome JIBO in your family. If your answer is NO, JIBO might convince you to rethink that answer! Created by MIT Media Lab’s associate professor of media arts and science, Cynthia Breazeal and her team, JIBO is your “family’s first robot friend and personal assistant” that can read and even animate stories to kids, read you messages, take pictures and simply facilitate your life. The project has already managed to raise more than $550,000 on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jibo-the-world-s-first-family-robot). Knowing that the initial goal was to reach $100,000 and that the end date is still a month away. jibo6

The reason of such a success is simple, JIBO is a very cute, responsive, versatile robot that can help family members in their daily life because it can do:

– It can SEE thanks to its two cameras that can recognize and track faces, capture photos and enable immersive video calling

– It can HEAR thanks to its 360 degre microphone that let you talk to JIBO

– It can LEARN thanks to its artificial intelligence algorithms that helps it learn your preferences

– It can HELP you make everyday tasks simpler and easier like a personal assistant

– It can SPEAK hands-free reminders and messages

jibo 2jibo1jibo3













As described by Cynthia Breazeal “JIBO is a very different concept of a personal robot where the focus is on human engagement and bringing content, apps, services ‘to life’ beyond flat screens. Most of robotics views robots as a labour technology rather than a technology for human engagement and empowerment around family.”

Breazeal and her team have started working in JIBO in 2012 and hope to launch it to the public in early 2016 for $500.

It seems obvious that JIBO is the future of Siri with a touch of Her (e.g Her directed by Spike Jonze and with Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johanssen as the voice of the robot)


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