Driverless Cars on the UK roads

The driverless car revolution is on its way! The most widely publicized example is of course Google prototype car that does not come with a steering wheel or brake pedal. More products should be created and launched in the very near future.

One of the big problem driverless cars faces are facing is road legislation that will need to be change and adapt to the latest car technology by lawmakers in the government. For instance, up until now driverless cars in the UK driverless were only allowed to drive on private roads but a very recent decision authorized the launch of a project-research around driverless cars.  The projects that will be launched in January 2015 is expected to last between a year and a half and three years and will be largely funded by the private sector.


The UK Treasury outlined a plan to create a £10 million prize to fund a town or city to test driverless cars as part of an ongoing effort to bring technology to Britain. Such decisions have also been implemented in some U.S states as well as in Berlin.  At the moment, driverless cars have only been authorized in Oxford University.

The mayor of London and city leaders have been working together to make sure London became one of those test locations in the UK. It seems that the government is very keen into launch such a project.  Business Secretary Vince Cable and Chancellor George Osborne have publicly backed up the project  to ensure that “the UK is the right place to develop and test driverless cars.”


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