app in Zambia

Since 2010 and in accordance with its ambition to connect the world, Facebook has been offering – Facebook Zero – which is basically a stripped down version of its service for developing countries. Facebook is now launching an app in Zambia and in partnership with local Airtel. The app will be available as a standalone Android app or freely available as a mobile website.

The Android app or web app offers free data access to a limited set of services including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Wikipedia, Google Search, AccuWeather to allow farmers to receive weather information, Airtel to learn more about the carrier and buy data plans, eZeLibrary to learn about Zambian government information, Facts for Life (by UNICEF) to get advice on health, hygiene, pregnancy, childbirth, childhood illnesses etc, Go Zambia Jobs to search for jobs, MAMA (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action) to find some important information on maternal health, WRAPP (Women’s Rights App) to learn about women’s rights, Zambia uReport (by UNICEF) to know and understand better HIV and AIDS. internet-dot-org-app

An awareness campaign and notification to Airtel subscribers will be launched to promote the new service.  This free access to the internet will allows Zambians to see the benefit and value of having access to the internet. If the app is successful in Zambia, it will be roll out in other countries in Africa, Asia and South America.


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