iCloud Nude Scandal

I am sure you have heard the latest celeb scandals? About 100 celebrities such as Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Lea Michele, Jennifer Lawrence etc… have seen their private pictures publicly published on 4chan. Another nude scandal I hear you say, well, this time it seems to be a different story. Those celebrities never intended to display their very private pictures to the public. This time, an anonymous and ruthless hacker claimed that he simply extracted the pictures from the celeb’s online storage service, iCloud.

Yes this is right! Pictures were stolen from their iCloud accounts which is terrifying. Does that mean this could happen to you and me? Well, yes it could. Is there something you can do? Good news is – Yes you can and really I really think you should.

Due to the large scale of the hack, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook issued a statement expressing his outrage upon learning of the theft and immediately mobilised engineers to discover the leaks’s source. The sad news is that the hackers did not breach any security system as such but correctly answered security questions in order to obtain the celebrity’s passwords. This could have been done manually or with the use of a phishing scam. It would be fair to say that the hack has been quite basic.

The question now is – what did we learn from it? As Tim Cook said what is really missing is awareness: “When I step back from this terrible scenario that happened and say what more could have we done, I think about the awareness piece. I think we have a responsibility to ratchet that up. That’s not really an engineering thing.” Indeed, it seems that the photos leaked were the result of a long period of hacking activities on iCloud. Once enough documents had been gathered, the hacker named “OriginalGuy” and his followers simply pushed it live on the website all at once.


Now to answer your questions, how can I keep the content of my phone private? What should I do?

First, you can make sure to take off all your photos off iCloud just in case by going into your phone settings, iCloud, and turn off “photos stream” and “photo sharing” options.

Second, if your photos were previously being uploaded to iCloud automatically, you should make sure you don’t have anything incriminating in your Photo Stream. To do that, just click Photos on your iPhone, then hit Albums, and delete all those photos you want to keep private.

Third, try to set up a two-steps verification for your iCloud account that will prevent someone from maliciously access your phone content. Go to iCloud.com and sign into your account; click settings, click on your apple ID, Click Manage your apple ID, Click Password and Security





Finally from now on Apple will alerts users through emails and push notifications when someone tries to change an account password, restore iCloud data to a new device or when a device logs into an account for


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